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“Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” ` John 15:13



Not many of us get to live a life we’ve dreamed of and followed a path that was chosen for us. SSG Courtney A. Hollinsworth at the age of eleven expressed his journey and said he wanted to travel the world and by doing so, he would become a soldier, fighting to make a difference.

He took the vow to help bring sovereignty to a place where there was none. He committed himself to a group of individuals that would protect, serve, honor and never accept defeat. A group that would never leave behind a fallen warrior, instead they would fight side by side to the bitter end.

My son, SSG Courtney A. Hollinsworth, was never afraid and always ready to deploy when called upon. His mind strong and his body physically fit. He was a professional in all that he did and was proud at being a United States Soldier, a guardian of liberty and the American way of life.

His body no longer remains but the essence of who he was clearly sustains!

“Hoorah, Ghost out”

Proud Mother of SSG Courtney A. Hollinsworth KIA 9/9/2007
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