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I started writing in 2003; my first novel was based on a fictional character called “Juicy”. I found myself writing until all hours of the night and would often write during my lunch hour or whenever possible. I worked for a major beverage firm in Rye Brook as an Administrative Assistant and was later promoted to Coordinator.

Married, with two children – my son Courtney was a soldier in the U.S. Army and my daughter Nicole a High School student. I remember telling my family about the story I created and my hopes of having it published. At first they didn't take me seriously, but once I began sending my manuscript to publishing companies they realized it truly was my dream.


I sent my first novel “A Juicy Story” to several publishing companies and was rejected by each one. The reason for the rejections was that I was an "unknown" author. I became discouraged, but would not let my dream die. My son was killed in ‘2007’ and his death made clear to me just how short life truly is. View my personal tribute to Courtney.


I took the initiative and self published in 2008. Many new authors self-publish as a way to have their work read and gain a fan base for future novels. I am excited and thrilled that my first novel is out in the public and has been viewed as a book that is on “fire”. I have received numerous accolades from friends and family regarding this accomplishment and remained determined to become an author.

Writing provides me a gateway to express myself. My creative imagination has inspired me to continue to write. I believe it is important to write about things others can relate to, and this is what I have chosen to do. I am a go getter; striving for the utmost. I will continue to distribute my book through book signing events in my hometown, Yonkers and through multicultural venues in the area. This is my "ultimate" dream and it has come full circle.

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"A goal is a dream with a deadline" – Napolean Hill


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